Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 29th - Feast of The Arch Angels

St. Michael

St. Gabriel

St. Raphael

In the house of God there is never-ending festival; the angel choir makes eternal holiday; the presence of God's face gives joy that never fails. -St. Augustine


  1. What beautiful images of these sainted angels~

  2. Yes indeed Laura and Thank You Father for Blessing the day I came to breathe for the 1st time when your Majesty Created the Archangels that accompany me and all those around me with love compassion knowledge acceptance unity peace equality, etc +++ to infinity, could go n all

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  4. 4 ever&ever happily as the child I so long had to become with the help of my Father Jesus Christ & His 3 Angels. My family is so united thank The Heavens the Archangels, Virgin Mary & loving All life as I was blessed to have learned to love myself unconditionally & loving all the same way, thank you for Always being there Jesus ever since I came on this planet You were there and there You are to this very instant bringing Your Pure will To all those that will seek your unending love light harmony peace unity to love thy brother as you love yourself, without you I would Never be Jesus, thank you for all eternity, I will never let go of your hand for anything in this Universe, for your love and equality is where I come from my Lord Christ!!!! I love you with all my heart soul body mind spirit, etc. Everybreath I take is because of your Glory Jesus, I am back to being a kid again and am not ashamed to say it, You are the Greatest and MostBeautiful Force to ever come upon me, thank You for it all.... Being born on this incredible day like all days, this incredible family, these incredible moments of youth joy health happiness, friendships with all people's from all walks of life, all colors, all beliefs because we are all the same, there is not one man woman greater than or less than another man or woman, the Only Greater One is You my Father Lord and Savior. For me You are my Everything that brought unity harmony everlasting peace amongst myself, my family and the Universe, Thank You. I respect everyone's beliefs and will continue to do so until I am no more, I just Love You and the Truth and for me You are the Truth Father. Life has taught me that everyone has their right to their opinions and since those words that were spoken by you Jesus, " I come from the equality", so do I and it sure makes everything so very True and Harmonious, this will be Eternal because I come from the Light!!!! Amen