Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th - Let Freedom Ring

When I think about the sacrifices our earliest patriots made for a dream--a new nation conceived in liberty--I am moved more than I can say. We owe them so much.Once the colonies declared their independence on what would become our great national holiday, the sacrifices only intensified. But the legacy of 1776 is one we celebrate today and every July 4th. The freedoms we gained--especially our freedom to assemble and worship--are sacred and envied by many. We worship freely and encourage others to join us without a second thought. A blessing indeed.
So as we begin our July 4th celebrations, I pray that you will find a way to honor the spirit of freedom... by attending Mass, by laying a wreath of remembrance in your city or town... whatever moves you as a patriot and citizen. I will certainly pray for our nation, in thanksgiving for our Founding Fathers and Mothers, and all those who have contributed in their own way with total devotion. I will pray, too, for my fellow Fathers and Brothers in mission. They make sacrifices each day and know how important dreams are for those who struggle against poverty and injustice.

Happy July 4th. Let freedom ring!

Father Edward Dougherty, M.M.


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