Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day of Joy

The last I saw her was 35 years ago until today. My friend, from high school, who lived a few doors down the street, my friend. I was in her wedding, she in mine. Life and distance between us these past years. For those who know me I do not use the word friend lightly. It is given to precious few and to her with whom I spent today. Today which has given me a tremendous gift of blessings and friendship.

We visited her mother's grave, shared much conversation, noon time mass, and lunch. We drove to the street we lived on how many years ago. And in all this time, nothing has changed between us, it is the same easy, caring, loving friend. I know that God has brought her back into my life and I am thankful. She holds a part of my heart and I hers, after all, that's what a friend does.

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